Solar energy is becoming big business and there are now many providers on the market. So why choose Remote Off Grid Energy as your solar energy provider?

We offer expert advice and quality workmanship

Your stand-alone power system will be designed and monitored by a specialist electrical contractor and solar technician and will be installed by qualified electricians that are Clean Energy Council accredited in off grid battery, hybrid battery and grid connect solar. We know about the variances of solar performance based on location and our team are licensed to install in QLD, NSW, NT and SA. At Remote Off Grid Energy, we remain at the forefront of technological innovations in the solar energy revolution so that we can offer our customers up to date information and uncomplicated advice.

During the initial consultation our staff will complete an energy audit, assessing your current electricity consumption and we will create a custom load profile on your potential power requirements. We will help you understand your usage to get optimum performance out of your system and will monitor and maintain the system for you into the future.

While we specialise in stand alone power, our team of qualified electricians can also talk with you about ways to reduce your energy consumption. Because we are also licenced in air conditioning installation, we can help with climate controlling your system or home, if this will help you get even better results. Our 10-year workmanship warranty is our way of promising an installation free from defects and ensuring your total satisfaction.

Your best interests are our primary concern

As your energy provider, we have a long-term commitment to ensuring you are getting results. So, it is important to us that the job is done right and that your system is performing as a profitable investment. At Remote Off Grid Energy, we won’t take on the job unless we are confident it is in your best interest. This means there are some aspects of the job we cannot compromise on, especially when it comes to the standard of products that we use. We pride ourselves on offering high performance value for customers.

Our relationship with you is ongoing

At Remote Off Grid Energy, we are selective about the jobs we take on as we want to ensure we can continue to provide our existing customers with a personalised experience. As your energy provider we are available to guide you through the process and assist through the lifetime of the system. We will support you through getting your rebate and will ensure you understand the requirements for your area. If you are dissatisfied with the systems performance you can contact us directly and we can address any faults (e.g. those caused by lightning strike or other extreme circumstances) or help you access your product warranty, in the rare event that this is needed.