How does offgrid solar power work?2019-07-03T11:25:13+10:00

We love talking about solar irradiation and turning photons into electrons, but rather than bore you with the details, simply speaking the solar panels harness power from the sun and sends that energy to the solar inverters. The inverters transfer the solar power into power that can be used by you in your home or business. Any excess power is stored in the batteries to cover your night-time power requirements. A generator is added for ultimate security as your Plan B, for those unpredictable circumstances.

How can I monitor my usage?2019-07-03T11:25:26+10:00

Our set-up will allow you to track real time data, that is displayed on a screen attached to the system. The data is logged automatically and provides you with a precise reading of your usage and battery level for the second/minute/hour/day/week/month or year.
You will also have the option to monitor the data when you are offsite as the technology is available on multiple devices. This also means that our technicians can monitor things from our offices if necessary.

Is offgrid solar power worth it?2019-07-03T11:26:05+10:00

When setting up a new system

Connecting to the grid can be costly. You can expect to be out of pocket somewhere between $50,000-$100,000 +, depending on your location. Setting up your own off grid power supply will leave you miles in front. You can expect the initial installation to cost somewhere from $15,000, depending on your requirements. It will also mean you can forget about having to deal with energy companies and their ever-increasing power bills and no more worrying about potential power outages. With an off grid system, you can enjoy self-sufficiency at a return that is way over the initial upfront costs, for the lifetime of the system.

For an existing generator system

When you chose to offset your generator with solar and battery power you will see an increase in the generators working capacity and a drastic reduction in overall running costs (e.g. fuel). Whether you want to convert completely to renewables with generator backup or simultaneous generator offset, the results will mean a return on investment in approximately 1-2 years. Many of our customers are looking for reliable power and ultimate security, as waiting for days for repairs could lead to huge loses in revenue. Off grid solar is the most reliable power source available, especially for those living or working in remote locations.

What about maintenance?2019-07-03T11:26:20+10:00

Generally, a system that is designed by Remote Off Grid Energy is run by renewable energy and is maintenance free. But if you want that extra level of confidence, we offer an annual maintenance schedule which involves panel cleaning and testing and generator servicing if required.

What if my circumstances change and I need more power?2019-07-03T11:26:35+10:00

We design our systems to be flexible so there is always an option for expansion down the track. This means we can add more panels or battery storage without having to re-do the whole system. Flexibility is important, so that you do not find yourself with an undersized system and to avoid a scenario where you are left trying to sell second-hand parts and starting again from scratch. We recently helped a customer convert a single-phase system to a three-phase one, which meant they were able to triple their power supply.

Do you offer finance for offgrid power?2019-07-03T11:26:50+10:00

Installing an off grid system is an investment which will save you money down the track, however there is no denying that the upfront cost can be dauting. We are often asked if we provide finance and the answer is no. While some larger solar companies will, we advise you to take care and do your homework, as often they will charge at a high rate of interest. We recommend that you first consult with your existing lender about incorporating the cost into an existing home or business loan, as this can be the most cost-efficient option.

How do I know you are going to be there to help me if faults happen?2019-07-03T11:27:05+10:00

For the team at Remote Off Grid Energy this isn’t a job, it is a lifestyle, and our customers’ needs are our priority. We are on call to provide our customers with phone support and every system is set-up with remote monitoring, to be accessed by our technicians from their devices. Most problems can be fixed this way. However, having service technicians in Adelaide, Alice springs, Northern NSW and Brisbane, we can send someone in a vehicle to provide a site analysis if required, most often within 24 hours. Our trusted products can also be viewed by the manufacturer remotely and if a warranty replacement is required, it will be sourced quickly and painlessly. These trusted companies are structured to deal with emergency issues. The main business headquarters is in the centre of four major and reginal airlines, so emergency repair flights can be organised promptly to provide parts in those extreme circumstances.

How do I know I can trust you over others?2019-07-03T11:27:22+10:00

We are not just solar installers, we are specialist, off grid solar electricians.
As your energy provider, we make it our focus to get you results. We only take on jobs that fit our client criteria and serviceable location, and we have a capped number of jobs per year, to ensure our team can maintain a personal relationship and the promised level of technical support.

What happens after installation?2019-07-03T11:27:37+10:00

Generally, you can expect nothing, but the sound of silent, reliable, renewable power, day in and day out. We will provide you with an owner’s manual in your desired format (book, digital and video files on USB) and will provide a thorough run through of the system operation (which is 99% automatic). The team at Remote Off Grid Energy will stay connected, to monitor the system remotely. The after sales service and support is ongoing for the lifetime of the system and we provide a 10-year workmanship warranty.

Rebates for stand-alone solar systems?2019-07-03T11:27:51+10:00

Yes, even off grid solar generates a rebate using CEC accredited electricians. The amount will vary depending on when you chose to have the system installed, however as a guide the recent rebate offered is in the range of (location and STC price dependant);
10kw = $5,800.00
20kw = $11,600.00
30kw = $17,400.00

Best offgrid solar generator?2019-07-03T11:28:04+10:00

We recommend that every off grid solar system have an auto start generator installed, for ultimate independence and security. This is your Plan B for those unforeseen circumstances like storm damage, lightning strike or unprecedented weather. We find that the industrial Japanese diesel engine generators are unlikely to ever let you down, especially if you size it to run at 80% capacity. Then you can expect to never be without power, no matter what happens.

How much does offgrid solar power cost?2019-07-03T11:28:38+10:00

It is hard to provide an exact figure as we do not sell a solar or off grid kit. Instead we design and install renewable energy solutions to custom fit for the specific purpose and needs of our customers. However, for a no nonsense, reliable power source, a small system will range from approximately $15,000, whereas a large system, such as one used on a large cattle station with multiple dwellings (residence, airconditioned dongas, kitchen, workshops, cool rooms) can be in the range of $300,000. As you can imagine with such a variance in prices, there are many variables to consider, hence why every job is considered on a case by case basis and is designed to suit. At Remote Off Grid Energy, we will not install undersized, insufficient systems purely to ‘win the job’, as this is counterproductive for us given our ongoing involvement.

For a quote, fill out the quote form on our website and an initial estimate that is closest to the expected price will be sent. Then a site visit will be arranged as further details and considerations are required.

Best battery for stand-alone solar?2019-07-03T11:28:59+10:00

We look for the following as criteria for the best battery as we need reliability, durability and optimum performance;
o Great low temperature performance
o Great high temperature performance
o 10-year warranty
o Australian based company for prompt support and warranty
o Long cycle life
o Expandable to adapt to future needs
o Independent module operation (so in a worst-case scenario it will only affect minor capacity and will not make the whole battery bank shutdown)
o Rack mount and compact for efficient area usage
o Safe chemistry for a no thermal runaway danger or hazardous gasses
Therefore, we use GenZ as a trusted product for all our installations.
To find more information on the GenZ and other products used by us, go to the products section on our website.

and we can get started on designing you a system that will save you money…



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