At Remote Off Grid Energy we design and install using products that are fit for purpose. The Selectronic product is a big part of what makes us believe in this industry.


It gives us the confidence to make our claims and when we pair that with the world’s most reliable solar inverter the Fronius, you have something that truly transcends above the rest. We would not do this line of work if products as good as this didn’t exist.

For our systems, we design what’s known as an A/C coupled system. This consists of two separate inverter types. One inverter type is the solar inverter (Fronius) its job is to take the D/C solar power from the solar panels and turn it into A/C power. The other inverter (Selectronic SpPro) is the center hub of the system. Its job is to charge the battery bank and power the site load. It does this by controlling the solar inverters output and when no solar output is available, it discharges the battery.

Selectronic v1
When it comes to off grid inverters, nothing compares to the Australian made Selectronic SP PRO.
These intelligent battery inverters allow you to control and manage every aspect of your energy needs and can be designed to suit any power load. The inverters incorporate solar and batteries, along with a fuel generator, seamlessly. You can be sure you will never be without power when using the Slectronic SP PRO.

The Selectronic inverter company has been in operation for 50 years and is owned and manufactured in Australia. As a business, their domain is in the area of high-end, reliable, energy storage inverters. These units thrive in off grid and hybrid installations, where serious ongoing power output is required. The Selectronic SP PRO is the most advanced grid-interactive/off grid inverter in the world and is exported globally including Germany, which says a lot about this humble Australian product. The inverters are proven to be reliable and highly regarded as evidenced by the number of 20+ year-old off grid installations, that are still operating around the world today. In Australia the SP PRO is the leading inverter for off grid or stand-alone solar power systems. The huge surge power output, advanced sensors, clever monitoring, unbeatable quality, power, features and reliability, make it the first choice for any serious off grid installation. Therefore, we at Remote Off Grid Energy chose Selectronic to power your needs.

The Selectronic and Fronius products go hand in hand, because of their ultra-reliable reputation. Fronius Primo inverters are modified in Australia to make them Selectronic certified units. The technology on these units allows the SP PRO to control the flow of energy from the solar panels in 0.1% steps, to precisely control the solar power output. This can’t be done with a generic inverter. The Fronius inverter will allow solar energy to be efficiently used directly by site, home or business loads. All excess solar energy will be used by the Selectronic SP PRO to charge the batteries. Fronius allows maximum system efficiency, flexibility, reliability and offers a 10-year warranty. Like the Selectronic, the Fronius integrates seamlessly to give you more choice and flexibility over how your home or work is powered. The Fronius is an Austrian, family-run company that started out making high-end welders for the industrial industry. From this, we know that the products are heavy duty, durable and function well in adverse conditions. They are regarded in the industry as the most reliable solar inverter ever made and offer excellent customer support. This is why we at Remote Off Grid Energy, believe that the Fronius is an essential feature to any off grid solar systems design.

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